Midori Mitamura

三田村 光土里

Before the daybreak

Exhibition Quiet Attentions , 2011 
Art Tower Mito, Japan


Before the Daybreak 

The motif used in the film and installations is a water fountain statue of Plato in Italy, which is called Bacchino (Little Baccus). The statue is a replica of a sculpture created in the late 17th century. When I saw this water fountain statue I felt a nostalgia that I couldn't express in words and was reminded of my childhood. When I was in kindergarten, I was a difficult child, who couldn't speak to the other children. All day I would just watch the other children in silence. I felt as if this statue healed the wounds of my innermost heart. I ensured myself that I will visit Bacchino when a sad experience might happen to me. I visited again after 5 years and spent a time around Bacchino  during a two week stay there. I had been standing beside Bacchino every morning to wait a daybreak with him.

Rupert Sheldrake who is a researcher in the field of parapsychology says that our memories are kept in space and resonated beyond time and space. I agree with this because i often wonder how we can gain knowledge, and an ethical perspective beyond the volume of our short periods of education spanning just a few decades. I believe that memories stacked in space must affect us, not unlike a battery charging system.




超心理学研究の生物学者、ルパード・シェルドレイクは仮説として、私たちの記憶は場所に保管され、時空を超えて共鳴しているという。私はこの仮説に同感する。なぜなら 知識や、生まれてからの数十年で得られる分量を超えた道徳観をどのように私たちは身につけているのか不思議でならないからだ。場所に積み重なった記憶は、バッテリーをチャージするかのように私たちに影響を与えているのかもしれないと考えている。
Solo Exhibition 
"Before the Dreak" 2013
Gallery TERRA Tokyo