Midori Mitamura

三田村 光土里


I am very pleased to inform you my new book release " UNIVERSE foundrawing vol.1" and the exhibition of drawings.


midoiri mitamura exhibition


foundrawing vol.1


Celebrating publishing Midori Mitamura's drawing book "UNIVERSE foundrawing vol.1", original 15 drawings will be exhibited and pre-sell books.  

“Foundrawing” is my method of drawing made by partially tracing photos taken by others (Found Photos).
When I step into a library, a sensation of being immersed in a universe of limitless knowledge washes over me.
There isn't enough time in a person's life to open every books; but in this space brimming with wisdom of every kind, it is possible to peacefully appreciate. human conscience and dignity.
In the books that I picked up randomly, I discovered photos taken by someone else, telling stories of different situations and events. Foundrawing was inspired by an idea to trace the underlying emotions of those very moments captured on film and projecting my little sparks of imagination born from those actions as if I myself am also taking a photo.

midori mitamura

venue:circle gallery & books
address:  5119 Yaho Kunitachi-city Tokyo, 186-0011
TEL: +81 42-505-8019 

period:Fri.13. 5.  - Mon.30.5.2016
OPEN: 12:00 - 19:00 / CLOSE Tue, Wed, Thu

cooperated by Cawaii Factory

Artist Reception 
 Sat.21.5.2016  15:00 - 19:00

[Event】 Art & Breakfast Day 

open hours: 11:00-12:30
admission:1,500 yen (food & drinks)
capacity:10 (booking needed)
venue:you will be informed about the venue after booking.
Please book via e-mail to shop@circle-d.me with subject A&B Booking.
Your name, phone number, numbers of booking are needed.

Art & Breakfast Day" is a project of art events that combines art scenes and breakfast around the world. The aim of this project is to get people closer to art through intimate personal connections using breakfast as a catalyst. This project promotes the free presentation /expression and communication among artists. 


True Ring New Book Release

midori mitamura
『UNIVERSE foundrawing vol.1』

launch date:1.6.2016
price:2,300 yen
B5 size, color, 22 pages,  First edition 300 
design:Masataka Maruyama (circle-d)

publisher:true ring
contact:Cawaii Factory Co., Ltd.
American Dream 
Elephant in the Room  

midori mitamura
up-coming exhibitions 2016

Aichi Triennale  2016 Rainbow Caravan
Aug 11 - Oct 23. 2016

venue:Kunstverein Bellevue Saal(Wiesbaden, Germany)
Nov 24 - Dec18. 2016