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Exhibition  "Not So Smooth"
SHISEIDO Gallery, Tokyo


Traveling Exhibition

"Kokoro no Arika (The Location of the spilits)"

Ludwig Museum (Budapest),

Moscow  Museum of Modern Art (Moscow)

A collection of FUCHU Municipal Museum ,Tokyo




Exhibition  "Not So Smooth"
資生堂ギャラリー (東京)




Ludwig Museum (ブダペスト、ハンガリー)

Moscow  Museum of Modern Art (モスクワ)



  I found an old black-and -white photograph that was taken in my family’s garden in 1970. My mother and my elder sister appeared in the image. Accidentally, my mother's face is hidden behind some washing. But her dress reminds me that she is definitely my mother.

 In another color photograph, a woman is walking along a riverbank. Her dress is similar to the one my mother used to wear. Her face is also hidden behind the parasol. She is my elder sister. Over 30 years had passed after another black-and-white photograph was taken.

  “Beyer” symbolizes a sweet memory of our early days, my sister and I, an introduction to our lives. After we finished Beyer, we grew up into women with various experiences. Although I quit piano, my elder sister continued practice and became a piano teacher. And finally she also became a mother. Her life seemed very smooth and stable that is a complete contrast to me, but one day, big trouble happened to her. That might be the first crisis that she might have met in her life.

We are walking our own ways, that are sometimes not so smooth. I dedicated my poor playing of Beyer to my sister in the artwork. Although I never imagined that would I played Beyer again.





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