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Curriculum Vitae


Nationality: Japan

Birth: 1964 Aichi, Japan



"Dramas which people can venture into"

My installations are structured by diverse presentations using various materials such as photos, images, music, language, and found objects that lost those original functions. Also, they portray personal imagery stories as "dramas which people can venture into". Through my critical point of views,  my art installations try to reveal various issues among our societies, human lives and histories to depict incomprehensible intertwining of personal consciousness and sentiments that freely travel back and forth between the boundaries of reality and fiction. Drawn by emotions and sentiments extracted from people living in foreign countries, people who lived in the past and the people around me, my artworks mirror the absence of erstwhile memories that are drifting around.Then trails of awkward endearing emotions that are close to everyone's lives beyond any cultural differences and borders just appear there. 


Selected solo exhibitions

2022 "Get The Clock Back On This Place" AIR 475 (Tottori, Japan)

2021 "Life is made from thigs I've forgotten" HIGURE17-15cas (Tokyo)

2021 "365 Encyclopedia" SYP Gallery (Tokyo)
2018 “If not here, then I'm somewhere else.” Galeria Manuel Ojeda (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)

2017 “DRIFT” Galerie Lichtblick (Cologne, Germany)

2017 “Art & Breakfast Las Palmas de Gran Canaria”

    CAAM /Atlantic Center of Modern Art (Gran Canaria, Spain)

2016 “Art & Breakfast Wiesbaden” Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal (Wiesbaden, Germany)

2016 “UNIVERSE-foundrawing vol.1” Circle Gallery & Books (Tokyo)

2015 “DRIFT” Bambinart Gallery (Tokyo)

2014 "Art & Breakfast Belfast" Golden Thread gallery (Belfast, UK)

2013 "Till We Meet Again" void + (Tokyo)

2013 “Art & Breakfast Vienna” Verein Hinterland (Vienna)

2013 “Before the Daybreak” Gallery Terra Tokyo (Tokyo)

2012 "Green on the mountain" Uqbar ( Berlin )

2011 "Art & Breakfast, Melbourne" Monash University Museum of Art (Melbourne, Australia)

2011 "I'm standing beside the water" Bambinart Gallery (Tokyo)

2010 Aichi Triennial collateral exhibition "Temptation in blue" Nanatsudera Studio (Nagoya, Japan)

2009 "On everyday planet" Fuchu Municipal Museum (Tokyo)

2009 "Purple flower in her dress" Grita Insam Gallery (Vienna)

2008 "Midori Mitamura @ Yokohama" Creative Space 9001 /The old Toyoko-line Sakuragi-cho station 

         (Yokohama, Japan)

2008 "Art & Breakfast" higure 17-15 cas (Tokyo)

2007 "Garten" lamm fromm the concept store (Tokyo)

2006 "Green on the mountain" Secession (Vienna)

2006 "Art & Breakfast" raketa studio (Stockholm)

2006 "Message from someone living far away" Antique Bookshop Kosho Ichiro (Tokyo)

2005 Traveling exhibition in Finland "Green on the mountain" Photographic gallery Hippolyte (Helsinki),

Northern Photographic Center (Oulu), Photographic Center Peri (Turku)

2003 "Inventions" Galerie Article (Cologne, Germany)

2002 Two venues Exhibition “Stories in two rooms"

         “New Siberia Café” nadiff (Tokyo),

         “Two o'clock afternoon at the hill, on the windy winter day" Contemporary Art Factory (Tokyo)

2001 "Life" - in the lake - Viewing room, Yumiko Chiba Associates (Tokyo)

2001 "Where memories go" Gallery Eboran (Salzburg, Austria)

2000 "Inventions" - sunny flat days - Zeit Foto Salon (Tokyo)

2000 "Where memories go" Art Festival morphe 2000 (Tokyo)

1999 "Permanent room" Galerie Lichtblick (Cologne, Germany)

1999 "Permanent room" Contemporary Art Factory (Tokyo)

1997 "Origin" Key Gallery (Tokyo)

1996 "Private Room" P.A.P. Factory (Tokyo)

1994 "A cross, July" Za Moca Foundation (Tokyo)


Selected group exhibitions

2022 SETOUCHI Triennale 2022 (Kagawa, Japan)

2022 "A Good View Place" 500m Museum (Sapporo, Japan)

2022 "If we were at BELAMI," BELAMI Sansou (Fukuoka, Japan)
The 14th EBISU International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions 2022 "AFTER THE SPECTACLE" Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (Tokyo)

2020 "Aessembridge Nagoya Art & Music Festival 2020" (Aichi, Japan)

2020 "Camera Simulacra" AOBASO(Tokyo)

2019 "Japan Unlimited" Frei_raum Q21. Museums Quartier (Vienna, Austria)

2019 "Noise of silence" Golden Thread Gallery (Belfast, UK)


2018 “Ladies Only”  Photographic Gallery K.T. Blumberg (Potsdam, Germany)

2017 “Leaving Language – in a Japanese limousine” The Methoropole (Folkestone, UK)

2017 “The Reading” The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2017 (Tokyo)

2016 International Art Festival “AICHI Triennale 2016” Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (Nagoya, Japan)2015 “Ladies Only #3” Galerie Lichtblick (Cologne, Germany)

2015 “Living Locally” Arts Maebashi (Gunma, Japan)

2015 “HomeBase Project Saitama” Saitama Triennale 2016 Pre-event (Saitama, Japan)

2015 Photo Festival “Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles” (Arles, France)

2014 “Unseen Daily Life” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (Tokyo)

2014 “ARAFUDO Art Annual” Tsuchiyu-Onsen-Cho (Fukushima, Japan)

2014 "Dresden Public Art View" International Billboard Art Exhibition (Dresden)

2014 "Kaleidoscope" PLATFORM (Melbourne, Australia)

2014 "Wild Places" Motor Works Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)

2014  Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 2014 "Ladies Only - Contemporary Women Photographers"

          Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art (Georgia)

2014 "Big Sky Friendship" TOWADA Art Center (Aomori, Japan)

2013 “Dahein” plan.d. (Düsseldorf, Germany)

2012 “Over the Rainbow” Fuchu Municipal Museum of Art (Tokyo)

2012 “Autumn Leaves Fields” Bambinart Gallery (Tokyo)

2011 “The gravity of the situation” Monash University Art & Design Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)

2011 “CAFE in MITO” Contemporary Art Center Art Tower MITO (Ibaraki, Japan)

2011 “Quiet Attentions” Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower MITO (Ibaraki, Japan)

2010 "To-Be Tokyo-Berlin Communication Art" Freies museum (Berlin)

2010 "It's not easy being green" Kunsthause Muerz (Muerz, Austria)

2009 "Domani" National Art Center Tokyo  (Tokyo)

2008" To-Lo" Stephen Lawrence Gallery Greenwich University  (London)

2008 "Towards a game of photography" Kawasaki City Museum (Kanagawa, Japan)

2007 "Max Ernst and the world as book" Museum der moderne Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria)

2007 "Sommerspiel " Grita Insam Gallery (Vienna)

2007 "Tokyo Story " Esso gallery (New York)

2007 "Mukoujima Art Project" Contemporary Art Factory  (Tokyo)

2006 "Busan Biennale" (South Korea)

2006 "Kiss me just once more " Vienna International Apartment in Helsinki  (Helsinki)

2003 "Location of the spirits" Ludwig Museum (Budapest), Moscow Contemporary Museum (Moscow)

2003 "On Happiness" Tokyo Museum of Photography (Tokyo)

2003 "Moving Japanese _Interfacial Spaces" Kulturhuset (Stockholm)

2003 “8th NICAF "Video art screening Tokyo" Tokyo International Forum (Tokyo)

2002 "7th Kitakyushu Biennial" Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art  (FUkuoka, Japan)

2002 "20th Century, Art recognized virtual images" Hiratsuka Museum of Art (Kanagawa, Japan)

2002 "Smooth Rupture Japan"  Kunstraum-Innsbruck (Innsbruck, Austria)

2002 "Not so smooth" Shiseido Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2001-2002 Traveling exhibition "Illusion"

         Kulturhuset (Stockholm, Sweden), Bildens Hus-Swedish House of Photography (Sundsvall,Sweden),

         Lunds Konsthall (Sweden), Museet for Fotokunst Brandts Klæ defabrik (Odense,Denmark),

         Country Museum of Joenkoeping  (Sweden), Culture Center of Ronneby (Sweden),

         Kunstbanken Hedmark Art Centre (Hamar, Norway), Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki),

         National Gallery of Iceland (Reykjavik, Iceland)

2001 "What is the difference between" Kunst Buero (Vienna, Austria)

2001 "Homesickness of daylight" Kasugai City Library - Culture and Art Center (Aichi, Japan)

2001 "Off Triennale"  (Yokohama, Japan)

2001 "Best 12" Contemporary Art Factory (Tokyo, Japan)

2000 "Strange home" Historical Museum Hannover (Hannover, Germany)

2000 "Yume no ato" haus am waldsee (Berlin), Staatliche Kunsthalle (Baden-Baden, Germany)

2000 "Voices from Japan" CBK-Centrum  Beeldende Kunst (Leiden, Netherlands)

1999-2000 "Contemporary Photographic Art from Japan" NBK (Berlin), Hallescher Kunstverein (Halle), Museum Bochum (Bochum), Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe)

1999 "5th International Photo Festival Herten" (Herten,Germany)

1999 "Learning to fly" -Collaborative work with Andre Stitt- Bobo's gallery (London)

1998 "Tokyo rooms" Galerie Article (Cologne, Germany)

1995 "International Salon '95" Ward Nasse Gallery (New York)

1995 "morphe '95" Nikka Whisky (Tokyo, Japan)

1995 "Harajuku Arts" Raforet Museum (Tokyo, Japan)

1994 “Parco Urbanart #2” Parco Gallery (Tokyo)

Public Collections

Riksutställningar (Stockholm, Sweden)

Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal (Wiesbaden, Germany)

Fuchu Municipal Museum(Fuchu, Tokyo)

Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art(Nagoya, Aichi

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