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Knitting Woman

in the Tenement-house

Site-specific project

Knitting Woman in the Tenement-house

2007 Tokyo MUKOUJIMA Art Project
Backlight 08 Tickle Attack; 8th International Photographic Triennial
MÄLTINRANTA Art Center / Tampere , Fiiland
Lodz Art Center / Lodz, Poland


2007 向島芸術計画
京島の長屋+現代美術製作所 / 東京

2008 Backlight 08 Tickle Attack; 第8回国際写真フェスティバル
マルティンランタ・アートセンター( フィンランド、タンペレ)
ロッヅ・アートセンター( ポーランド、ロッヅ)

Photo Unit  IKEDA MIDORI (Masanori IKEDA + Midori MITAMURA)


The Artist Midori Mitamura stayed at an old tenement-house in the downtown area in Tokyo for one month, and knitted the long muffler using the woolen yarn collected from local people.This region remained unburned by the effort of local people from the air raid at World War II. As a result, very old houses overcrowd in this area, and a lot of elderly people live here still now. Yet, recent changes caused by rapid development of the town cannot be avoided. Knitting the long muffler made of wool that people wore out is an attempt of the artist to reproduce or refresh the memories that disappear from the town. Finally, the artist Midori Mitamura and the photographer Masanori Ikeda made visual images from this project as collaborative photo works so as to look like a small fantasy happened in the town.



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