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Life is made from things I've forgotten.

Unknown Image Series no.8 #4
三田村光土里 公開制作展


12月4日(土) - 12月19日(日)2021
HIGURE17-15cas / 東京

Unknown Image Series no.8 #4
Midori Mitamura Open Studio Exhibition

Life is made from things I've forgotten

Dec 4(Sat) - 19(Sun)2021
HIGURE17-15cas / Tokyo

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photo by Shu Nakagawa


photo by Shu Nakagawa




"Life is made of things that I’ve forgotten."


" Life is made of things that I’ve forgotten."

One day I found that quote on a page of my sketchbook  after not  having opened it for a long time. Guessing from other memos written before and after the quote, I must have written it in the last two years but I can't remember exactly when or what I was thinking about.  Yet, the quote seemed to have a will to remind me of something.


Reminiscences lose their outlines every day, then only impressions are left in our heart while our memory continues to go out of consciousness.


In the early 1990s, I began to create spaces by combining old photographs with small traces of everyday life. There I deliberately took pictures of my father and mother standing, and I showed the fuzzy boundary of the value between everyday photographs and photographic works in contrast to photographs captured instantly by ordinary people without pretense, which are likely to be valuable for  my family only.


 Messed with the COVID-19 in the beginning of last year, my mother died unexpectedly in the spring. When I returned to my artwork place in the autumn, I simply felt that I wanted to keep doing art. Neither completion nor evaluation is required, I just wanted to create something in that place, in a similar way grass would grow naturally around my feet.


The form of expression called installation is often aimed to be seen by people, so that it is more focused on making up constructions in time for the exhibition rather than creation. However, since I have gradually shifted to the site-specific art in which I collect daily awareness into the space as spending time, it is suitable for me to say "showing for making" instead of “making for showing”.


Even if the space I created disappears and moves away from my eyesight  and memories, the "Tacit knowledge" earned by the continuous creation turns into my consciousness and dwells into my body.

I will keep creating something here like silver salt will settle on photographic papers and the afterimage of the brilliance of the memory will stick to my consciousness.

Then, I want to witness what I create as the viewer who is the closest to me.

photo by Shu Nakagawa

アーティスト・トーク  中尾拓哉(美術評論家)x 三田村光土里

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